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Winterizing Your Plumbing System
Common Heater Problems
The Importance Of Clean Water
Around The House Tip Of The Month


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Winterizing Your Plumbing System
In many ways, creating a kitchen isn’t any more complicated than creating a cake. You can put a new twist on an old recipe or construct a brand new one step-by-step. Regardless, you first must decide
Around The House Tip of The Month
"Is Your Showerhead Loose As A Goose?"

Repairing your bathroom’s entire showerhead gooseneck pipe when it becomes loose can add up. A simple, quick-fix tip is to use expanding foam sealant that is normally used in walls to control air infiltration.

Simply spray the sealant around the gooseneck and it fills in gaps dries hard and locks your loose gooseneck pipe in place.


The Importance Of Clean Water
In general, tap water is perfectly safe for human consumption. However, sometimes you may notice a funny color, odor or taste. These often come from otherwise harmless contaminants like chlorine, sulfur, iron and manganese. consider pretty small bathrooms.
Common Water Heater Problems

If you suddenly don't have hot water, there are several things that could have happened. If you have a gas-powered unit, check the gas

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