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Adding Moisture To Your Dry Home
Making Your Air Conditioner Last Longer
Cool Moves for Hot Weather



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Adding Moisture To Your Dry Home

A humidifier can be a great tool for adding moisture to the air. It can help prevent dryness in the nose, throat, lips, and skin. Many people use a humidifier because they find it easier to breathe when the air is moist. This is a good way to loosen up congestion in the chest as well.


Making Your Air Conditioner Last Longer

Air conditioners are not cheap. You definitely do not want to be buying a new one every year or so. A bit of preventive work can make them last.

One of the biggest problems with most air conditioning units made today is that they are tough, and well built. This may not seem like much of a problem, but what happens is that most home owners become very complacent about their air conditioners. They continue to run and run year after year, and many people tend to worry little about them as long as the air is cool and comfortable. The truth is that without routine maintenance, a normal air conditioning unit loses about 5% of its efficiency each year. This means that within a short time your powerful SEER 13 unit is working more like an older SEER 8. 

Cool Moves For Hot Weather!
Saving energy is good for you and good for your country. The electric power company says these are a few ways to save on air conditioning this summer.

* Make sure the air flow to an outdoor air conditioner is not blocked by bushes or other obstructions.
* Keep the sun outside. Close drapes and blinds during the hottest part of the day.
* Check to see that windows and doors are closed when the air conditioning is running.
* Close closet doors in air-conditioned rooms. Close openings to the attic and other storage areas.
* Turn off the furnace pilot light.
* Clean or replace filters on air conditioning units.
* Do hot things during cooler morning and evening hours, including cooking, showering, drying clothes and ironing.
* Turn off unnecessary lights.


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