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How Long Should Your Contractor Be In Business
What You Should Know About Solar Cooling
Tips On Smoke and Carbon Monoxide



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Air Conditioning - How Long Should Your Installing Contractor Be In Business Before You Hire Them

Before your next air conditioning system installation consider a couple of things. One is is who you have install it is important. Installing central air conditioning needs to be done by a licensed contractor. The other is this is a labor intensive project that you should not probably do yourself.


What You Should Know About Solar Cooling

At first glance, solar cooling looks like an oxymoron. However, the same energy that can provide heat in the wintertime can also provide cooling during the summer.. 



Tips on Smoke and Carbon Monoxide

* Ban tobacco smoke from your home.

*Install a carbon monoxide detector near bedrooms.

*Inspect your gas appliances and chimney every year. Replace furnace filters every month or two during periods of use. Make sure your gas dryer, furnace and water heater are vented to the outdoors.

*Keep fireplaces and wood stoves well vented to the outdoors.

*Burn only clean, untreated wood.

*Never let a car or any gas engine idle in a garage or carport.

*Never use a charcoal grill indoors or in a closed area like a garage.


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