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Invest in Home Water Filtration Systems
Benefits For Tankless Water Heaters

Drain Cleaning Tips



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Invest in Home Water Filtration Systems

Every day we come across so many problems in our life. Drinking water contamination is one such problem. With the advancement in the field of technology humans have suffered a lot as our natural resources are in great danger.

Heavy industries discharge their waste matters into the open water reservoirs and this leads to water pollution. People are falling prey to various water borne diseases due to lack of awareness. It is important to understand that no matter how much your water seems safe to you, it is not fit for drinking if it is not treated. So you must treat your water before use.



Benefits For Tankless Water Heaters

In an effort to be more environment friendly and to also save money many home owners have started to look at more efficient ways of running their homes. One of the first areas to gain efficiency in is water heating. Since a normal hot water tank is constantly refilling and heating the water, even when no hot is being used in the home, a tankless water heater can provide substantial savings in your water heating bills.


Drain Cleaning Tips

The number one tool for clogged drains and toilets for the homeowner is the old stand-by, the plunger. Buy a good one and keep it handy. But a word of caution, make sure pipes are in good shape before plunging.

Kitchen drain lines are normally the longest drain lines in the home, therefore frequently clogging.

  • Do not put discarded leftovers in the garbage disposal, but in the trash. Table scraps are okay.
  • Do not put grease in the kitchen drain. If you accidentally do, flush with a lot of hot water.
  • Chemical drain cleaners are not recommended. They may provide some relief for clogs in the P-trap, but will not travel further down the line. Plus, they could be corrosive to pipes. Caution; do not plunge after using chemical drain cleaners.

Bathroom drains (sinks, tubs and showers) clog because of hair and oils. The oils come from soap, shampoo and conditioner. Bathroom drain lines are normally shorter in length due to their proximity to the main sewer line.

  • Remove hair from sink/tub pop-ups and drain grates.
  • Flush periodically with hot water.

Toilets clog more often than drains due to the purpose of the fixture. They clog for several reasons; 1) too much paper, 2) inappropriate item is flushed, 3) fixture needs repair.

  • Put only toilet paper in the toilet, no other bathroom supplies.
  • If excess paper is needed, use an intermediate flush.
  • For clogs, use a plunger.

If multiple drains and/or toilets are clogged, it is possible the main sewer line is clogged. A common side effect of this would be a toilet flush backing up in a tub or shower. Many times roots are the culprit and rootering is needed.


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